Follow the Sun

Julia Silbert '18
In all his dreams,
The house lights were turned off.
Skin drawn over the windows,
But breathing.
The veins were backlit
Blue rivers.

An old guitarist sat
In the corner of the floor
By the blue light.

He had seen the stranger here
A thousand times before, each one
A brand new beginning under the
Cover of music
Sometimes obscure,
Other times precise.

He’d always wake having forgotten
The music, finding that his bed
Was in the middle of a dark wood.
He cried, “You have left me
When I thought
All the doors of my life might be

The wood echoed.

He wept. “Are you my heart?
Can you sing now?” Still lost.

He followed the sun as it glinted
From behind the dark branches,
The guitarist making buried music.
Even when he walked in thoughts
Warm and moving.

He continued to dream when
He slept.
A single trumpet would burst
Into the sky,
Clear as the notes themselves.
A world in watercolors.

He hoped for a sky

Where both the sun and stars
Could be seen
From a hill, at an hour that
Is both,
And that he could rise
To eternity
By the music of his hidden

-2017 Magazine

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