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  • Cleansing Piece

    Sasha Starovoitov '18
    You throw out your sheets. Tear them off the bed and bury your face in the soft cotton before dropping them into a black plastic bag and taking it to the curb.
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  • Open Casket

    Naomi Tomlin '19
    In an hour, Owen’s mother will go into a coffin in the ground. He saw her when she had just died, lying in bed. Even though her eyes were closed, he could tell she wasn’t asleep.
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  • This is Me

    Solomon Aromolaran '17
    I am a medley. A mixture. A hodgepodge. I was born in the city of Abeokuta, Nigeria and I am a citizen of the United States. I would like to say that being born in a different part of the world makes me special, or the fact that I was born in a hospital room with no doctors present means I’m different...But, really, these events are like stories to me. I have no memory of being born, no memory of being sick, and no memory of living in Nigeria.
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  • Takeshiro Matsuura, 1818–1880

    The Emperor's Mistake

    Benjamin Johnson
    Only one famous person has ever come from Mikumo. In Japan, he is not as well known as he should be; in America, he is completely unknown.
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  • My Colors

    Carson Goos '17
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  • Gauss’s Box

    Andy Sedlack
    I can’t remember when I
    found it, where I got it.
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  • This Side of Town

    Lindsay Meyerson
    There are two little boys, seven.
    They live with their mothers and fathers
    In two separate houses
    On two separate roads
    . . .
  • Why Won’t You Let Go Frankie Beverly?

    Chrisshara Robinson
    She was twelve and we were walking
    to the corner store
    hand in hand,
    our Justice skirts swaying
    to the tip tap rhythm of our white dress shoes.
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