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  • Glass is Only Another Form of Sand

    Prairie Resch '21
    Plants on my windowsill.
    Bird which hit my window this morning
    (and I wonder if it was my fault
    . . .
  • Follow the Sun

    Julia Silbert '18
    In all his dreams,
    The house lights were turned off. 
    Skin drawn over the windows, 
    But breathing.
    . . .
  • in a nursing home

    Naomi Tomlin '19
    the first time i saw my father cry was in a nursing home.
    we sat on the balcony overlooking a parking lot and an airplane hangar.
    . . .
  • Locked Out

    Lionel Louis '18
    I’ve got the keys to success.
    They’re hangin from my pocket now.

    I always have known that I
    Wanted to be successful.
    Make money, get employed, and
    Die happy.
    . . .
  • please be quiet

    Maliya Ellis '19
    What are you saying?
    I can’t hear you over the--
    Listen! -- birds’ sweet syrup sighs
    Like shower mist
    . . .
  • Stars from the Lighthouse

    Abigail Davis '17
    That night I walked past the empty houses
    Past fields, on cliffs, staring over the sea 
    I passed no one at all, save two spouses.
    . . .
  • To Those Who See a Mystery

    Liana Tilton '19
    Yes, this is my mother
    Her golden locks contrast my ebony
    . . .
  • Tripped and Fell

    Tim Halvorsen '17
    I have known you my life.
    You were there, then you were not.
    . . .
  • Untitled

    Georgia Doolittle '18
    I’ve always thought it was symbolic
    how women’s skirts try to trip them as they climb the stairs.

    How although our bodies control the world,
    the world controls our bodies.
    . . .
  • Winter, 2016

    Drew Mindell '18
    This is my kind of music.
    This is jump-up-and-down-and-scream kind of music.
    This is wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve kind of music.
    This is give-me-one-second-to-breathe kind of music.
    . . .
  • Untitled

    Rich Kuslan '79
    A flashback is a
    shard of glass
    . . .
  • School Bus

    Annie Nields '17
    You call from the parkway to tell me
    you are surprised by the late winter snow, 
    surprised by those beautiful fat flakes driving 
    down the windshield, by that sweet joy 
    of just so much more than you had ever
    hoped for, filling in the median, the banked sides
    . . .
  • Gauss’s Box

    Andy Sedlack
    I can’t remember when I
    found it, where I got it.
    . . .
  • This Side of Town

    Lindsay Meyerson
    There are two little boys, seven.
    They live with their mothers and fathers
    In two separate houses
    On two separate roads
    . . .
  • Why Won’t You Let Go Frankie Beverly?

    Chrisshara Robinson
    She was twelve and we were walking
    to the corner store
    hand in hand,
    our Justice skirts swaying
    to the tip tap rhythm of our white dress shoes.
    . . .
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