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  • Apologies

    Kainda Nzinga '25
    We sat there. Clenched knuckles and gritted teeth. Knocked out baby ones in bags under our respective pillows...
    . . .
  • art museum

    James Jeffery '22
    Shipyard silhouetted against the sunset 
    calm yellows and muted oranges hold hands and whisper friendship to each other
    impassioned reds dance with the blues and blacks of a bruised autumn evening
    above the ocean so serene it sings the ships to sleep...
    . . .
  • black and blue

    I ooze with 
    almost there! and close enough. 
    Mediocracy infiltrates my life and seeps through the cracks of my deficiencies. It hardens and solidifies
    . . .
  • Courte improvisation

    Charles Wang '22
    Masses noires tremblant dans la rue 
    Capuches humides couvrant la chevelure
    Une chaîne lourde toujours tendante...
    . . .
  • Driftwood

    Julia Murphy '23
    There are some people
    who emanate warmth
    from their smiles...
    . . .
  • I Was Asked to Write Freely

    Ranease Brown '21
    Free write, 
    With liberty put thoughts to paper 
    Exercise the few rights you have in response to the rights that you don’t...
    . . .
  • I wish you had brought me flowers

    Abigail Murphy '23
    It was weird flying again.
    I had to sit on the aisle seat
    The man next to me wanted to sit in the window.
    Said it would help his arthritis...
    . . .
  • Mars

    Prairie Resch '21
    Tell me the stories
    Of those far-off shores,
    Of distant planets...
    . . .
  • Retribution

    James Jeffery '22
    I once dreamt of you and I in India.
    Your smooth face and my beaten one
    Slipping in and out of crowds...
    . . .
  • Self-Portrait

    Maisie Bilston '22
    I am the yellow light that pools in the corners of hollow houses
    Slips and slides, sweet honey on polished empty floors.
    I am your reflection in the mirror in the hallway...
    . . .
  • We Turn

    Caroline McCarthy '22
    The GPS says
    It’s a ten minute walk
    We take the trek...
    . . .
  • among the gravestones

    Sophia Schaffer '23
    A bent old man in the cemetery,
    the flowers he did tend,
    White lilies unfurled at his feet 
    to watch his life transcend...
    . . .
  • Late August

    Evan Migdole '22
    8:00 am: How does the day begin?
    The Sun Star has a two hour head start.
    People are chirping like gulls as they walk by...
    . . .
  • Seeds

    Caroline McCarthy '22
    The seeds sit
    Shallow in the dirt, in a pot
    That belonged to my uncle. From...
    . . .
  • Sounds of Summer

    Caroline McCarthy '22
    The sounds of summer for some
    Are sounds of mischief and fun.
    The grains of sand sliding between their toes
    Swimming amongst friends and supposéd foes...
    . . .
  • Glass is Only Another Form of Sand

    Prairie Resch '21
    Plants on my windowsill.
    Bird which hit my window this morning
    (and I wonder if it was my fault
    . . .
  • Follow the Sun

    Julia Silbert '18
    In all his dreams,
    The house lights were turned off. 
    Skin drawn over the windows, 
    But breathing.
    . . .
  • in a nursing home

    Naomi Tomlin '19
    the first time i saw my father cry was in a nursing home.
    we sat on the balcony overlooking a parking lot and an airplane hangar.
    . . .
  • Locked Out

    Lionel Louis '18
    I’ve got the keys to success.
    They’re hangin from my pocket now.

    I always have known that I
    Wanted to be successful.
    Make money, get employed, and
    Die happy.
    . . .
  • please be quiet

    Maliya Ellis '19
    What are you saying?
    I can’t hear you over the--
    Listen! -- birds’ sweet syrup sighs
    Like shower mist
    . . .
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