Locked Out

Lionel Louis '18
I’ve got the keys to success.
They’re hangin from my pocket now.

I always have known that I
Wanted to be successful.
Make money, get employed, and
Die happy.

Through my passionate work
And sleepless nights,
I have earned the right to call the keys
My own.

One key is a collection
Of Pre-Calc and Shakespeare studies.
This will undoubtedly open many locks and doors.
Another key is a culmination
Of Immoral choices I’ve made.
Of toes stepped on,
Backs stabbed,
And friends betrayed.

I’ve got the keys to success.
They’re clinkin in my pocket now.

I get to the door that opens to success,
But my keys and I
Are useless.
Twisting the knobs and
Disengaging the locks
Does nothing to open
The door.
All of these keys and
Yet the door to success refuses to open.
I wonder what’s on the other side.

I’ve got the keys to success.
They’re an anchor in my pocket now.

A happy musician, with a guitar case
Filled with crumpled dollar bills
And dreams,
Passes by the door to success
And enters the unlocked door of
Peace, Love, and Positivity.

-2017 Magazine

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