Late August

Evan Migdole '22
8:00 am: How does the day begin?
The Sun Star has a two hour head start.
People are chirping like gulls as they walk by,
And gulls are cackling like children on the other side.

All that is left of the burned beach cottage,
Are chimney bricks and bent metal.
The cottage on the hill stood tall
And handsome for years.

Warm light is streaming through my window,
Settling on my cheek, or my arm, or my pillow.
Beach goers laughing and yelling from across the street
Are calling me out of a dreamy sleep.

The beach cottage is looking down on the sand.
Watching us swim and dig and lounge in chairs.
It has two round windows for eyes
And kayaks hanging off the sides.

Ashes and memories are all that are left
Of the burned beach cottage.
Memories like ashes in my mind
Of all the warm days behind.

Here I stand on hard packed sand,
Diamonds glistening around me,
But soon it will be-

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