Editor's Note 2021

Abby Fossati and Prairie Resch '21
We will not be the first, or certainly the last, to say that this past year has been unprecedented. When we both first sat down at a Daystar meeting in T221 freshman year, neither of us could never have predicted how our journey with the magazine--and our art--would culminate. Daystar changes every year. The Hopkins authors and artists grow up side-by-side with their work. Communities shift, styles evolve. But, through every unexpected event, the nature of the artists and writers at Hopkins has remained the same. Sadness, disappointment, and frustration, all of which this year offered in abundance, are powerful inspiration. One need not look as far as Sylvia Plath or Vincent van Gogh for proof; the proof is right here on the Hill. Here, despite this year’s turmoil, joy and hope overcame, emerging like the buds that this quickly commencing spring brings to our campus. This chapbook is a collection of just such a range of emotions and experiences. What the artists of Hopkins have felt, from grief to optimism, they have expressed in writing and in art. The tenacity of this community, even throughout such an unpredictable term, has made it a pleasure for us to serve as Editors-in-Chief of Daystar. We look forward to seeing all the art yet to come.

Abby Fossati
Prairie Resch

Photography/Art Editors
Jessica Chapman
Joanna Wei

Prose Editors
Alexander Yuen
Amanda Wang

Poetry Editors
Abigail Kruger
Caroline Asnes
Pearl Miller

Event Coordinators
Ella Ip
Fiona Li

Web Editor
Julia Kosinski

Faculty Advisor 
Ms. Renee Harlow