Prairie Resch '21
Tell me the stories
Of those far-off shores,
Of distant planets,
Of the rolling tide of light & matter & time
Across the infinite fringes of our universe,
And how, the more we think understand, the less we do
And the more questions we have
Tugging gently at the back of our—human—mind
And tilting ancient eyes towards the stars,
The seas,
Tracks set across deserts & steppes & tundra for
Questions, unanswered.
Prayers & praise & pursuit—
In sacred groves and hallowed grounds,
Welcoming the unknown and mysterious just as
In the House of Knowledge,
Birthplace of Algebra, or
On the stone steps of the Maya, or
Through the vaults of Alexandria, that funeral pyre, and
Across the scrolls of the poets whose wonder at this natural world touched upon
Unanswered questions.
And I’ve watched the ants between clumps of grass and
Fantasized that I could see as small as they do
Or looked up at the wheeling clouds of ravens and
Didn’t know which I wanted more— 
To feel the rush of air under wings
Or to look down on the patchwork land beneath
(Might I glimpse my own upturned face?)
Or to be that much closer to the stars and all the things we know exist as
Questions… unanswered.
Curiosity breaking and rebuilding what we thought to be true— 
Even if for a time it was truth—and 
Opportunity trundling on across ancient—more than ancient—sea planes,
A mechanized space-sailor, astronaut
Carrying the minds of thousands of people and the hearts of millions more, a
Phoenix—risen from the obstinate hunger of knowing—and the 
Perseverance ingrained to every moment,
Strange and faulty and above all, human, as the
Ingenuity to find new
Unanswered: questions.
Sing to me, muse, of the splintered equations
And the bent laws of physics
When human hands reach one step closer to infinity
And our minds see farther than our eyes 
Were ever meant to,
Into the wobble of muons & the unfathomable depths
Of galaxies,
Of time itself,
The macroscopic and the micro:
Infinite, both.

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Prairie Resch

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